July 2016

Yoga: In Its Truest Sense

Yoga is that which can shake up and awaken the entire world. Yoga is that which unites the individual with the greater consciousness, the larger universal reality. Yoga brings the union of the soul with God. Yoga is the journey of realizing oneness with everyone and striving to wipe the tears and bring a smile on every face - this is Yoga in the truest sense.

Happiness is the unpolluted vibration

When we are stressed and unhappy, we tend to pollute the environment much more. If you just sit with a person who is angry, upset or negative for 10 minutes, when you walk away from them, you also carry a little bit of their frustrations with you. When you spend a little time with those who are happy, for example with little kids, and when you move away from there, you carry their joy.We need to get back to our true nature which is innocence, which is simplicity, which is honesty, and then we start caring for the environment.  

Steeped in History and Cultural Lore

The Mahabaleshwar temple in Gokarna, Karnataka is not only one of the sacred Paadal Petra Sthalams dedicated to Lord Shiva, but also a place of Salvation. This temple houses the famed ‘Atmalingam’ gifted by Lord Shiva to the Demon King Ravana. This temple is hailed as ‘Dakshina Kasi’ by devotees, equivalent to the temple of Lord Shiva in Varanasi and is regarded as a Mukti Sthala (place of Salvation). It is said that great Kings, like Sri Krishnadevaraya of the Vijayanagara Empire and Emperor Shivaji of the Maratha Kingdom, had once visited this shrine and prayed to Lord Mahabaleshwar in Gokarna!  

Who's afraid of Salt?

Doctors, nutritionists and other wise folk will tell you if you want to be healthy or avoid high blood pressure, you have to restrict your salt intake. This oft repeated mantra is now deeply ingrained in our consciousness. Time to challenge this myth, masquerading as science. First, take all advice to restrict salt…with a grain of salt. In order to keep things interesting, let us look at snippets of scientific evidence.  

Yoga for Youth - An Empowering Tool

Youth face constant pressure to excel at studies, to get a job, manage relationships, and to deal with numerous other problems. Yoga techniques and philosophy equips you with life skills: how to deal with people, emotions, and other stressful issues.Youth is a time for fun and activity! And what better than yoga and meditation to help you enjoy it better.Armed with yoga and meditation, the youth will find that sailing through turbulent times is as easy as sitting calmly for 20 minutes! Let’s see how youth and students are using yoga as a tool to overcome life’s challenges.