January 2017

10 Ways for Inner Peace " Prosperity

Each new year, people wish one another happiness, prosperity and peace, but do we really know how to achieve that peace? Here are some steps that might help you to find the much needed inner peace. Peace lies within us! As we enter the New Year, let us all take a resolution to become aware of this peace inside and allow our smiles to reflect the true sign of the prosperity that lies inside.

Cleanliness drive in Gandhi Camp

People of Gandhi camp have stopped waiting for Municipal Corporation for cleaning their localities. People of Gandhi camp are self-motivated and indulge actively in cleaning their localities. The Art of Living volunteers have started the project “Pragati Ki Aur” for the refugees after the partition. The volunteers identified their basic short falls and needs and helped them by providing a better quality of life that is sustainable.

High blood pressure despite your efforts to control it?

High blood pressure is known as the silent killer because it creeps up without warning and leads to heart disease, stroke, kidney malfunction, blood sugar imbalances and a host of other problems. Millions struggle to get their blood pressure under control despite sticking to a healthy diet and regular exercise while taking multiple medications. Blood pressure could spiral out of control due to three often overlooked culprits - Calcium build up in arteries, Inadequate amount of nitric oxide (NO) and Presence of the enzyme Angiotensin.

Latin America Looks to Sri Sri for Peace

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar toured as many as 13 cities across eight nations in Latin America as part of his ongoing efforts to usher peace in world’s most violent regions in South and Central America. Some of the world’s top publications, including the Paris-based Le Monde, described the effort as “breathtakingly fresh in a region where no one wanted to look forward”.

Sri Sri Meets Top Colombian Leaders

2 Dec 2016, Bogota: Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, globally has embarked on a unique peace mission across Central and South America, considered among the world’s troubled zones plagued with violence and drugs.After the past successful tours that culminated in the FARC committing to non-violence and a big thrust to the historic peace deal for Colombia, Gurudev was back in Colombia at the invitation of the Colombian government to take the reconciliation process forward.