November 2016

Realizing the Subtle Truths

The more we perceive everything in the world as an (inanimate or lifeless) object instead of a living being (filled with life or exhibiting liveliness), the easier it is and the more inclined we are towards killing or destroying things. It is because we see things as mere objects, without any life or sentiment that we find it easy to kill and destroy.

Adopting Organic Farming and preserving Native Fields

Inspiring farmers to adopt Natural Farming in Kumbakonam, Tamilnadu Shri Ashokan and Rammoorthy Sriram (farmers hailing from Thanjavur district) travel with yet another pioneer named Shri Nel Jairaman (who has dedicated his life in preserving 151 odd traditional native rice varieties) educating farmers on the benfits of natural farming. They also conduct seed festivals in Thanjavur and Trichy to educate the farmers about the native varieties of rice and help preserving the same.

Inflammation, Infection and Heart Disease

Research has consistently revealed the significant role inflammation plays in the development of atherosclerosis (narrowing of the arteries). C-reactive protein (CRP) is a key marker for inflammation that many mainstream researchers now regard as a far more reliable predictor of atherosclerosis than elevated LDL cholesterol. But now, CRP may have met its match…White Blood Cells (WBCs).

The Belavadi Sri Veera Narayana Temple in Karnataka

The Belavadi Sri Veera Narayana Temple in Karnataka is an Architectural Marvel to behold. This timeless masterpiece was built by Kings of the Hoysala Dynasty hundreds of years ago. The specialty of this temple is that it is a Trikuta shrine- three temples built on a single platform! This is a Vaishnavaite shrine and has the Sanctums of Lord Sri Veera Narayana in the centre facing East, Lord Sri Venugopala facing North and Lord Sri Yoga Narasimha facing South in the same temple complex!

Unfreeze Your Shoulders with Yoga

In this modern age and time, our physical bodies tend to take a lot of strain and stress from the daily urban lifestyle. One of the areas that get affected the most, is our shoulders. The human body was designed to be a mobile instrument, to be active during the day, walking and going about our daily activities.Yet, this is no longer the case! We merely drive to work, sit in front of a computer the whole day,and then come home to sit again in front of the television. Consequently, during this time, our shoulders scrunch forward and eventually, inevitably, get frozen.