August 2014

The Path of Self Discovery

This world deals with looking outward with the senses, while Spirituality consists of looking within. When you look within, you understand that truth is that which doesn't change; the mind is far superior to the senses that feed it; and that prana, or the life force permeates everything. When the consciousness, which is going outward turns inside, it is called nama, ‘no mind’. So, it is consciousness, which goes outside through the eyes and looks at the world and it projects itself. It is projecting whatever is in the mind.

Aging with Grace

We are as young as we feel! Yoga asanas tone up the body, keep our internal organs and the hormonal system in balance, and refreshes the mind and spirit. Hence, it is essential for people of all ages to practice yoga regularly. As age progresses, one should focus on doing to the best of our bodily abilities. It is more important to focus on HOW YOU DO rather than how much you can do.  

All Questions Answered in Silence!

The question and the answer come from the same source. Where the question comes from, the answer also comes from the same place. You simply have to be a little quiet.  

Popular Arthritis Drugs May Cause Heart Attacks and Sudden Death

Millions of people suffer from the debilitating pain of arthritis. In the past, doctors routinely prescribed non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as aspirin and ibuprofen for pain relief. These drugs came with significant, adverse side effects.  

The Neem Tree

The neem tree, native to India, is considered to be sacred and worshipped by the Hindus due to its amazing healing properties. The flowering of neem is compared to the spiritual growth of a devotee on the path. There are about 18 million estimated neem trees in India. Neem trees absorb the carbon in the environment and gives out purified air, constantly clearing air pollution.