April 2014

Education and The Art of Parenting

Today, it is the concern of every parent that their children should grow up to be well-educated human beings with certain values in their lives, and that they should be happy. But somewhere down the line, the link to happiness appears to be getting severed. The need of the day is a broad-minded education accompanied by a warm heart.

Democracy and Loyalty

Democracy and Loyalty are two diametrically opposite concepts; yet, they are compatible when they are in their rightful places. Loyalty is commitment to a cause or a person, irrespective of the situation and change that time brings upon.Democracy is a choice amongst contenders and it can only happen when there is impartiality. 

Poor Posture Need Not Be A Permanent Condition

Anyone who sits and works with their arms out in front of them will have muscle stiffness and problems between the shoulders. When the shoulders begin to slump, the muscles on the front chest wall begin to shorten and the small muscles between the shoulder blades weaken. This will cause pain and stiffness in that area and eventually lead to postural problems. There are two easy exercises that will help strengthen the shoulders and prevent slumping.  

Rama Navami

On the day of Rama Navami, we celebrate the birth of Lord Rama, the seventh avatar of Vishnu in human form. "Ra" in Sanskrit means "That which is Radiant" and "Ma" stands for "Myself". So, that which shines forth within me is Rama. You could also say; that which is radiant in every particle of the Being is Rama.

Sri Sri University: Redefining Education

The concept of 'Vasudaiva Kutumbakam' is not just a theory - it applies to education as well. Just as you embrace the whole world, you should assimilate all forms of knowledge, both Indian and foreign.

The Sri Sri University in Cuttak, Orissa lives up to this goal.