July 2018

Guru Purnima: A Celebration of Wisdom, Love and Infinity

All celebrations on this planet is around some great event. If there is one celebration that is beyond events but focuses on the essence of life, that is Guru Purnima. It focuses on knowledge and wisdom. Celebrating the wisdom in life is Guru Purnima.

Children’s Health

Food is vital for the growing child. With the passing of every day your child builds up bones, muscles, and brain cells at a rapid rate. Food gets converted into seven dhatus (tissues) and becomes the flesh, bones, blood and muscles of the body. The more fresh the food is, the more consciousness it has, and the more quickly it is converted into OJAS - the most refined and nourishing product of digestion. Ojas is directly related to immunity. The more wholesome the food is, the greater is the child’s immunity.

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Demystifies Yoga

Even as Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar raised the happiness quotient with a powerful, insightful yet witty address on Yoga at the European Parliament, Yoga fervour took over millions from over 150 countries as part of The Art of Living’s #promisetoyoga campaign, from prisons to shopping malls, from naval bases to police academies, from schools to heritage sites.

Power Yoga for eyes

Yoga asanas are known to improve the functioning of our organs. Yoga also has series of exercises that can improve the functioning of our eyes. These exercises can help overcome various eye-related problems - such as short sightedness and long sightedness. Simple exercises like blinking can make the eyes healthier and stronger. Regular practice of these yoga eye exercises helps to relax eyesight and facilitate the normal functioning of our eyes.

Sorting Through all the Confusion in Nutrition Science

As humans, we are endlessly searching for the silver bullet that helps us live longer, feel better or look better. We are, after all, biologically wired to relentlessly pursue and prolong life. Perhaps this is why we take such a keen interest in every tip on food, diets or nutrition—be it featured on a morning news show, labeled as a health claim on a food product, or relayed by a close friend. Whether in the office coffee room or in a city coffee shop, casual eves-dropping is sure to reveal the latest in dietary thought—paleo, smoothie cleanses, macrobiotic and “military” diets all representing some of the latest additions to our lexicon.