July 2014

Stability of the Mind

Dhriti means that by which life is upheld and sustained. There are three types of Dhritis: Sattvik Dhriti, Rajasik Dhriti and Tamasic Dhriti. Sattvik Dhriti (the Dhriti born out of Sattva or positivity) is that which upholds the mind, sustains the Prana (life-force) and all the activities of the senses.

From Begging to Earning

Under the ‘Volunteer for Better India’ campaign and the valuable guidance of Guruji, the ‘beggar’s home project’ was undertaken two years back by the Art of Living in the Ahemadnagar district of Maharashtra.      

Guru Purnima

We come into the world through our mothers. But, our second birth happens through the Teacher. Teacher delivers the knowledge and skill to you. Knowledge brings in our second birth. So, Guru Purnima is the day if our spiritual birth. It is not just Teacher’s Day, it is also a spiritual birthday for everybody.      

Professional Student

Spiritual learning cannot be limited to a classroom experience. Spiritual trainers are not spiritual professionals and the learners are not professional students. The college cannot certify the spiritual depth. Do we need a new paradigm to confer social certificate on practical skills?      

The Silent Heart - attack

Twice as many people die from silent attacks compared to heart attacks where chest pain is experienced. Silent heart attacks are caused when your arteries narrow and you don't get enough oxygen to your heart. Chronic lack of oxygen normally results in a condition called 'Angina'. But in 25-30% of cases, lack of oxygen can produce a heart attack without any symptoms.