October 2016

Four Pillars of Knowledge

Many a time, you may be confused between short-term and long- term benefits, and you land up in a big mess. When you are not able to differentiate between what is permanent and what is not, then you get easily troubled with trivial problems in life.

Dealing With Loss

Observe what happens when you have a financial loss, or a big sense of loss. Something happens in your stomach. You feel, ‘I earned something with so much effort, and it’s all gone!’ Sometimes, it is not in your control; the stock market comes crashing down, real estate prices go down, and you lose. At such times, when you have this contraction within you, all you need to do is wake up and see; ‘life is temporary and life is changing’. One day we are going to lose this body also. This reminder that one day we are going to lose the whole world and the body wakes you up from within. Then, you see life as much larger than just gains and losses.  

Second World Summit on Ethics and Leadership in Sports

'True Sportmanship' was the top agenda at the 2nd World Summit on Ethics & Leadership in Sports held in Zurich. At a time when the world of sports is facing increasingly large leadership challenges and has moved far away from its original objective, a focus on true sportsmanship and absolute adherence to the rules of the game on and off the pitch were at the forefront of the agenda.  

The Stunning and Enchanting Shri Banke Bihari Temple

The Shri Banke Bihari temple,one of the most important temples of Lord Sri Krishna is located in the Indian State of Uttar Pradesh. As per the Temple Mythology, Swami Haridas, a great devotee of Lord Sri Krishna, Once, on the request of one of his disciples, sang a Devotional Verse glorifying Lord Sri Krishna and Goddess Radha. Such was the depth of his devotion that after the completion of the Verse, the Celestial Couple ‘Shyama Shyam’ (Radha and Krishna) appeared before him. Swami Haridas requested the Lord and the Goddess to merge into a single Deity and instantly, they obliged. The Celestial Couple became ‘One’ and appeared to devotees in the form of a black effulgent idol as ‘Banke Bihari’.  

Youth taking to spirituality after quitting alcohol

In the tribal villages of Bastar in Jagdalpur district of Chhatisgarh state, India, alcohol production and selling was a common household activity. People prepared, sold and consumed alcohol openly on festivals in markets and bazaars. But, something very different happened in the year 2004 in this small village called Bahmani, with a population of about 2000 people. Our teacher Sandip Yadavji conducted The Art of Living program, which changed the lives of five youths of this village Mahender Kumar, Keshav Prasad, Subhash Devangan, Devi Kashyap and Banshi. What happened there after has made history.