June 2017

Don’t label yourself as weak

Throw out your label. Never ever say that you are weak. However your past is, just kick that and be in the present moment and move on. If a lion puts up a sticker on its head saying,” I am a lamb, I am a sheep”, nobody will believe it. This is what you are doing.

From the Valley of Fear to the Valley of Hope

25 youth from Kashmir graduated as solar and electrical technicians from the Art of Living International Centre’s Skills Development Program. In the midst of escalating tensions in the Kashmir valley, the Art of Living has taken up an initiative to engage with Kashmiri youth in the area of holistic skills development and leadership development.

Meditation & Insomnia

Are you having difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep? Do you wake up feeling unrefreshed? Perhaps you’ve noticed that your ability to function effectively is diminished or that you’re feeling tired and irritable a lot of the time. You may be suffering from insomnia. There is an abundance of evidence that regular meditation can improve sleep patterns, often dramatically. Research indicates that an overly aroused sympathetic nervous system is an important causative factor in chronic insomnia.

Poor Posture Need not be a Permanent Condition

How many times were we told as children, “Stand up straight and don’t slouch”? Parents also told us that the cause of poor posture was simply laziness. If only it was that easy! Walking around standing straight with our head up may be a slightly effective way of covering up our poor posture, but it will not cure the underlying problem  

The Sri Sundareswarar temple at Kovur

The Sri Sundareswarar temple at Kovur, Tamilnadu is not only a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva but also a popular Navagraha temple for the planet Mercury. The devotees throng this temple throughout the year and worship in large numbers. It is a belief here that by worshipping Lord Sundareswarar and Goddess Soundarambikai in this temple, devotees get cured of many ailments!