October 2015

Navaratri - Moving from Inertia to Joy

The word “Navaratri” comes from the terms “Nava”, meaning, “Nine” and “Ratri”, meaning “Nights”. The festival, which goes on for a period of nine nights and ten days, ends with Dusshera or Vijayadashami on the tenth day. The nine forms of the Mother Goddess, Shakti/Devi, are worshipped during these ten days.

Expiry Dates of Packaged Foods

Expiry date is the date till which the food or some product sold in package is completely safe to eat. A Food that has passed the expiry date is still good to eat and not a health hazard. However, a food, which has passed expiry date, is not good to eat and can be a health hazard if consumed.    

Taiwan welcomes Sri Sri

Sri Sri was the chief guest at a Buddhist ceremony in Taiwan. Sri Sri also spoke at the Taichung University and the Cheng Kung University in Taiwan during His tour.     


There are four kinds of keys to unpack everyday. 1) Prioritising and starting with doing each thing for the day. 2) Do them one by one. 3) Sit back and choose to do only those things which are urgent and important. Allow the non- done things to sort themselves out in due course of time. 4) Identify each and every item in the day, the contents which have made it a packed day. Now, pick five or six items which are of emergency. Note that emergency is different from urgent and important.    

Yoga and Spirituality: Exploring the Connect

Yoga is a holistic package for happy living. It provides techniques to unite the body, mind and breath, and connects us to the inner core of our being – the spiritual aspect of our lives.