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June 2015

Discipline of Yoga

Why is Yoga called a discipline? Where is the need for discipline? When does the need for discipline arise?

Discipline arises when something is not very charming to begin with. When you know that - something would give a fruit that is very enjoyable, but the seed to begin with is not that enjoyable. When you are abiding in yourself, when you are in joy, when you are in peace or happiness, true happiness, then you are already in yourself. There is no discipline there. But when that is not so, and the mind is wagging its tail all the time, then discipline is essential, so that it could calm down, it could come back to itself. The fruit of which is eventually blissful, joyful.

Art of Living Welcomes the Indian Prime Minister in Mangolia

Dressed in hues of the Indian tricolour , the Art of Living showcased the Indian tradition of yoga in honour of the first visit of the Indian Prime Minister, Shri. Narendra Modi to Mongolia.  

Caring for your Skin

Admiring those glowing faces in beauty cream advertisements, we often wonder if we too could have a skin as young and beautifu! Well, it’s not a far-fetched dream anymore! Now, you too can flaunt healthy, radiant skin that draws attention. And the good news is: no more chemicals and no expensive beauty packages. All you need is just simple yoga and a glow on the face that lasts for long is yours to keep.    

Eat Right To Support Your Yoga

Different people have different expectations from their yoga practice. However, one of the main reasons people practice yoga is because they hope to discover some balance in their lives. Eating, like yoga, is individualistic and seeks balance. But in developing a supportive nutritional approach, bear in mind: “One size does not fit all” when it comes to finding the right foods for your unique constitution.  

The Ramanatha Swamy temple

The Ramanatha Swamy temple in Rameswaram is very sacred as the ‘Jyothirlinga’ here was consecrated by Lord Sri Rama himself. This temple is also one of the 275 Paadal Petra Sthalams of Lord Shiva glorified by the Saivite Nayanars, especially Appar, Sundarar and Thirugnana Sambandar. Rameswaram is the place where Lord Sri Rama had first set His foot on Indian soil, on His return from Sri Lanka. As Lord Sri Rama had worshipped Lord Shiva here, this is a must visit place for both Vaishnavites and Saivites!