February 2018

Ancient Love

Ancient love is the love beyond relationships. Often our love is in terms of some relationship: father, mother, brother, sister, husband, wife and friend. But ancient love transcends and is inclusive of all relationships. It is not against any relationship, but transcends and includes it all. Any relationship brings limitation. Ancient love is unlimited it is beyond limitations.

Commitment or convenience

Seva is not something that is done out of convenience. “Oh this is convenient for me, I will do this.” It is not Seva. Seva gets you out of the ‘I’. Out of the problem. Then what remains is joy. But, if you are doing Seva just for joy, then it is not Seva. In knowledge you know you will never lose. Seva only brings everything back to you. So, there is a law in nature in which the giver will never lose.

Nothing can intoxicate you like love

There is nothing that can intoxicate you like love. And all the intoxication that people use is to be in that love, is in the search for that love but they are searching for it in the wrong place. It is the frustration, the non- fulfilment that makes one go for intoxicants. What happens when you are intoxicated? The ‘two’ disappears; the ‘other’ vanishes. When the other vanishes, then you are at ease and love is that which gives you that ease, that comfort.

The Sri Sundararaja Perumal temple in Tamil Nadu

The Sri Sundararaja Perumal temple is a temple of Lord Vishnu in Thiru Anbil, Tamilnadu that is visited by many devotees throughout the country. The specialty of this temple is that Lord Vishnu here appears in His Shayana (reclining posture) on Ananta Sesha (divine serpent). Lord Vishnu is popularly glorified by names such as ‘Vadivazhagiya Nambi’ meaning the ‘’One with a beautiful shaped body’’ and ‘Sundara Raja’ meaning the ”One who is the King of all beauty”, in this temple!

What is Vairagya?

The mind gallops towards the world of passion. Whether you keep quiet, close you eyes or open your eyes or do anything it runs towards the sense of sight, smell, taste, touch or sound. This craving for any of these experiences in the mind can stop you from being in the present moment.And vairagya is retrieving your senses back from these cravings and thirst for objects. This is a basic requirement for meditation.