October 2017

Logic & Feelings

When you look into the eyes of a person who lives in the intellect, you can’t see feelings in them, they are not alive! They may be highly learned, but you feel as if you are looking at a machine or a camera. Only when you feel belongingness, you can drop into meditation.

Lung Power

When it comes to physical health, few things are more important than “lung power”. While getting enough oxygen is crucial for a robust life, be aware that lungs tend to shrink with age.Sooner or later, you tend to get tired more quickly, you’re less virile, you get colds and flu more often and it takes longer to recover from illness in general.

The Sri Gajendra Varadha Perumal Temple

The Sri Gajendra Varadha Perumal temple in Tamilnadu proves the benevolence of Lord Vishnu, as the Savior and Benefactor of all creatures on Earth. The Sri Gajendra Varadha Perumal temple is one of the hallowed 108 Divyadesams of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu is worshipped as Lord ‘Gajendra Varadhan’ (saver of an Elephant) and ‘Aatrankarai Kidakkum Kannan’ (the Lord present near the banks of a River) in this temple.

Volunteers Rush to Provide Services in Flood Hit Areas

In what has been termed as the worst monsoon floods in South Asia in years, lakhs of people were stranded, hundreds of villages were marooned, and essential services disrupted in West Bengal, Assam, UP, and Gujarat. In this moment of crisis, hundreds of Art of Living volunteers joined hands and have been working tirelessly round the clock to bring relief to the traumatized flood victims in these states.

Waves of Peace in the North Eastern Region

After one and a half years, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar returned to the North Eastern Region of India in the month of September for a series of programs in Guwahati, Assam, from 5th to 7th of September, 2017. He also travelled to Arunachal Pradesh for a State visit. The highlight of this visit was a unique conference in Guwahati, where for the first time representatives from all over the North East came together to make a roadmap for peace, prosperity and development.